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If you've considered remodeling your older home, the benefits could certainly be worth the investment. Remodeling an old house can not only increase the value, but will also simply make living in your home more comfortable.

Kitchen Remodeling
Master Bath Remodeling
Laying in a New Kitchen

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With our extensive experience in remodels and additions, GTG Builders makes the construction and home remodeling process, well, almost pleasant! Our commitment to keeping your home clean, safe and comfortably livable at all times is truly a big difference.

What is remodeling exactly? Typically, remodeling involves altering your home's current structure or volume to meet your changing needs. That could entail raising the roof to add a second floor, removing load-bearing walls, enlarging your kitchen, reconstructing your bath, creating a new master suite addition, even expanding and finishing your basement. Old house remodeling is a popular choice for those clients who have a great older home which needs some updating!

About Construction and Home Remodeling:

At GTG Builders, a large number of our projects are additions. We understand that most times you must live in your home while construction is going on, so we take extra special care to prepare well for our work, and safeguard your surroundings inside and out. We view ourselves as respectful "guests" in your residence who strive to always make the remodel experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

GTG Builders adheres to a strict code of cleanliness and safety. Construction dust is inevitable during remodeling however, we take every precaution to minimize it by installing temporary barriers as well as plastic tarps. Carpets are protected in high-traffic areas when work is underway. And at the end of each day, we make sure to clean up so we're as minimally intrusive as possible in your home. If existing walls need to be broken through and we feel the new addition can't be made secure, we'll build temporary walls to keep your home free from the elements and protected from intruders.

Are you ready to remodel? If your home remodeling job is large enough to best utilize our project management skills (usually in excess of $100,000), call the premier professionals today at (877) 864-3532, or contact us online for exceptional remodeling service.