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GTG Builders and Westchester Modular homes will be the first team to offer Net Zero Home construction using passive solar as well as solar hot water and photovoltaic technology and smart design in the New Jersey market place.

Modular Homes have many advantages:

  1. Homes are built in a climate controlled factory, with exacting tolerances, resulting in superior quality home.
  2. Westchester Modular Homes is an Energy Star Partner and produces Energy Star Certified homes that are typically 20% to 30% more efficient than standard homes (Energy Star).
  3. Materials are always indoors, out of the elements, which eliminates adverse conditions such as mold and mildew growth, ensuring healthier air quality for your family to breath.
  4. Climate controlled construction does away with undesirable consequences of expansion and contraction resulting in the elimination of nail pops, warping and squeaks.
  5. 33% more lumber is used allowing for greater strength, integrity and stability.
  6. The 5 to 6 day factory build allows for a complete home project to be completed in as little as 90 days, 50% less time than the average stick built project, saving money from reduced financing and less distress from shortened family turmoil.
  7. Stringent factory quality control processes eliminate defects for problem free home ownership
  8. Inspected in the factory by third party professional inspectors, to national building code as well as any local standards and specifications, to provide consistent customer satisfaction.
  9. Engineered lumber combined with accurate design and planning conserves natural resources and creates straighter and more stable walls and floors.
  10. Factory production eliminates virtually all wasted lumber and allows for recycling of all major component materials such as cardboard, copper wire/tubing and sheetrock resulting in a substantially more environmentally responsible project.
  11. Exacting tolerances of factory construction is a GREEN component because it reduces air loss, increases insulations effectiveness, eliminates outside air infiltration resulting in a more efficient home that uses less energy and reduces carbon emission and the long term negative impact to the environment.

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