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When tragedy occurs, sometimes there is a silver lining. In this case, fire destroyed a couple's home in Raritan Township, NJ. What rose from the ashes was a distinctive custom home built upon the existing foundation with over 4,000 sq. ft. of floor space for them to enjoy.

Custom Home Starts a New Era
Built on the Original Foundation

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As distinctive custom builders, GTG Builders is highly sensitive to our clients' needs, especially in these delicate situations. We talked with the very distraught owners to help ease their minds and make them understand their best course of action. We needed to keep the same footprint as their original home, but they now had the opportunity to improve the floor plan to better match their current lifestyle.

The main challenge was to keep these constraints in mind while also ensuring that the total cost of building their new home did not exceed the negotiated insurance settlement.

The house demolition proceeded without harming the existing foundation. We then assessed the foundation for structural integrity to guarantee a long life. Working with an architect and structural engineer to certify the existing foundation, GTG Builders devised a construction plan designed to meet all of the project's specifications.

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