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Sometimes, though you love where you live, you've simply outgrown your home. So what do you do? Do you start house-hunting all over again, or is there another alternative? For this couple who'd purchased a 3-bedroom ranch home in a desirable section of Bridgewater, NJ, GTG Builders had a better solution. Knock down the home and rebuild a new custom home on the site!

The Perfect Lot, The Not so Perfect Home
A Dream Home in the Right Location
Custom Homes with Unique Quality

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The existing house had problems to boot, like a wet basement, and a small garage which made the house demolition decision even more appealing. With GTG Builders' help, this couple could stay in the location they loved, plus have a new home with added features to better suit their needs.

GTG Builders worked closely with the clients to keep them informed of everything that needed to happen throughout the process, from obtaining variances and permits, and reviewing homes from the builder's portfolio, to going over budgets. A home design was selected after several meetings, a contract outlining the costs and responsibilities was signed, and we immediately worked with the architect, engineer, and town to secure the required paperwork. After the house demolition, the new home's foundation was laid, and the project took shape.

Throughout the process, clients made changes to colors and construction materials, as well as upgraded items that were not part of the original plan. With GTG's hands-on change management process, their decision to knock down their previous home resulted in a brand new custom home just as they'd envisioned.

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