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Q: Will you work/coordinate with other contractors when requested by the client?

Yes, we will coordinate with other contractors that you hire for such projects as pavers, landscaping, and pool construction. We will also collaborate with other trades, if requested; but we don’t generally recommend it. With a third party involved, a clear line of responsibility for resolving issues no longer exists. We have seen many friendships ruined over a misunderstanding that arises over the work performed. When working with third parties, it is important that you assign a single point of contact for issue resolution, otherwise a ‘not my fault’ mentality may develop. We, as general contracting professionals, will never let that happen. Everything on your site is our responsibility, and we will work with you to resolve any disputes with a third party should you need us. Find out more about GTG Builders today. Call us at (877) 864-3532 or contact us online.

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