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Q: What makes you different? Executive Summary.

We built our first house in New Jersey in 1952.  Since then, a lot has changed but two things have stayed the same; our focus on quality and the customer.

GTG Builders wants to add every client to our list of references.  Every project should represent someone else that will recommend us to their friends/family and every decision we make before, during and after your project is based on this goal.

GTG Builders is very thorough with our proposals, that’s because our clients want to understand the true cost of their project prior to the start of work and not as the job progresses.  A thorough project plan also includes solid completion dates, for these reasons we have created the following guarantees:

GTG Builders takes care and pride in our thorough and accurate pricing.  We will not come back to our clients asking for more money for items that are not detailed in our proposals and contracts. Our careful consideration of every project and our experience allow us to list every predictable obstacle for your projects success.  Furthermore, if unforeseeable issues arise, GTG Builders will complete the work at cost.

GTG Builders takes care and pride in our thorough and accurate project planning.   GTG Builders will complete your project at its proposed time or we will reimburse you for your living and storage expenses, beyond the proposed date.

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